Hello, you've come to the right place!

My name is Sara Purves and I've been a graphic designer for roughly 22 years. I work primarily with healthcare organizations, non-profits and socially responsible corporations. If you do work for the greater good, I want to work with you!
My goal is to become your creative partner. I’ll be there with you to help you brainstorm and develop new ideas. I will support you in developing and executing finished products that are tailored to your brand.
I am very comfortable working with public relations, communications and marketing departments. I understand timelines, budget concerns and approval processes and once I becomes familiar with your brand, I can be called upon as you would an in-house designer.
Great design doesn’t have to break the bank. I know that you have to report to boards, donors and various stakeholders. I will create a beautiful and effective product that satisfies your needs within budget.
I invite you to view my portfolio.